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Information Overload: Distributing Data to the Right People at the Right time

The Leading Software-Defined AV-over-IP Platform
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Information is the lifeblood of many businesses today. Organizations need to be able to track data analytics, their website traffic and lead generation, their production status, support ticket statistics, and stock price, there are an almost limitless number of data points vital to business success.

In order to ensure key players in the company, or sometimes everyone in the company, are aware of information, organizations use dashboards to gather key statistics and data points from a variety of sources. Visualization and understanding of key metrics can help companies improve their business operations.


Flexibility to View Any Dashboard

Userful provides the power and flexibility to display multiple dashboards simultaneously, enabling individuals or small groups to keep an eye on multiple metrics and dashboards when and as needed. They allow for collaboration among team members and ensure everyone is on the same page.

The solution allows you to display multiple input sources, with different content sources on different zones. With powerful configuration and distribution capabilities, Userful allows you to quickly change what’s shown on each zone or put one piece of content across all the screens for a larger view of one particular dashboard.

What’s more, Userful will enable you to manage and display content on not only your video wall, but also on independent displays. So for example, a company can have a video wall in an executive meeting room to showcase dashboards of interest to the management team but then have individual screens, or smaller video walls at different team sites across the office or across multiple offices with dashboards relevant to each specific team.


The Right Solution to Visualize Your Dashboards

This is exactly what Userful does. It’s a powerful software-defined solution that is easy to use for those that want to display multiple sources of information across multiple displays or video walls and centrally control them with the highest levels of security and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).

The solution supports a wide range of input sources (RTP and RTSP, local content through HDMI or SDI capture etc). Because of this flexibility, it’s ideal for gathering data and displaying it on dashboards. There’s just about no content you can’t put on a video wall and Userful makes it easy to switch the content you’re displaying on the fly or interact with it by controlling the mouse and keyboard from your own desktop.

Userful’s browser-based control allows central management of multiple video walls, even across multiple sites. This means if executives want to ensure all sites are aware of the same information, they can push out data and dashboards to displays across the enterprise, to any site worldwide.

In the age of information overflow, being able to capture data as it happens, simplifies things and helps teams focus on set goals and improve organizational decision-making by getting the right information to the right people at the right time.





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The Leading Software-Defined AV-over-IP Platform